• ELAN ELAN (Extramural Leiden Academic Network) aims at making patient data collected by general practitioners available for researchers. In it, we try to set up a data infrastructure according to the FAIR principles of data management; to make data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. I am affiliated with ELAN as technical project leader from my function as a postdoctoral researcher. I work on issues revolving around information architecture, data governance, and data enrichment.
  • OPERAM The overall aim of OPERAM (OPtimising thERapy to prevent Avoidable hospital admissions in the Multimorbid elderly) is to optimise existing pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapy primarily in order to reduce avoidable hospital admissions among the elderly population aged ≥70 years with multimorbidity. I worked in OPERAM as a postdoctoral researcher and software developer, adjusting my STRIP Assistent software for use as the main intervention in the study.
  • Opti-Med The Opti-Med study investigates the (cost) effectiveness and implementation of a structured medication review in elderly patients. The trial is performed in 25 general practices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and includes 500 patients. For the intervention, the first version of the STRIP Assistant was used. I translated the trial requirements into software features and adjusted the application accordingly.
  • STRIP Assistant In my PhD research, I designed and developed a software application to aid general practitioners and pharmacists in performing medication reviews for elderly people. The tool was subsequently used in the Opti-Med and OPERAM studies.