Below is a selection of notable software I wrote. For a complete list of open-source code, please see my GitHub profile.

  • XSD2HTML2XML Generates plain HTML5 forms from XML schemas (XSDs). Transforms filled-in forms into XML. XML schemas contain a wealth of information about what data is allowed in an XML structure, and thus how a user interface should be presented. HTML5 supports many new input types and attributes that are compatible with XML schemas. XSD2HTML2XML automates the process of generating forms from XML schemas and extracting valid XML from them after users fill them out. This makes user-generated entering of well-formed, valid XML input easier than ever before.
  • JARGON JARGON is a natural language processing suite for clinical text. It is built on frog.
  • STRIPA The STRIP Assistant is a web application that I developed during my PhD research. It is a decision-support system that aids physicians with conducting medication reviews. Originally, it was developed for use in Dutch primary care, but in the OPERAM project it has been extended to support multiple sources of decision rules, and several multiple languages.